Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

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  • KC-100 (Caretium)
  • KWP-100A (Caretium)


Microplate (Elisa) Reader

  • 8-Channel optical measuring system
  • Optional single or double wavelength analysis
  • Extensive onboard data analysis
  • Variable speeds linear shaking
  • Cut off and call criteria
  • Large storage for 2500 results
  • Touch screen, large LCD display
Elisa Microplate Reader


Microplate (Elisa) Washer

  • Compatible with flat, U or V-bottom plates
  • 2 cleaning solution (A/B) options
  • 8-way and 12-way wash-head interchangeable
  • Programmable up to 64 wash protocols
  • Minimal residual volume and low well-to-well variation
  • Automatic self-diagnostic program and liquid monitoring system
  • Touch screen, LCD display
Elisa Plate Washer